Kelly Farm

Kelly Farm


431.60 +/-
Status: Sold

Welcome to the Joye Kelly Family Farm, a beautiful 431.60 acre property nestled in the heart of Briscoe and Floyd Counties, just 11 miles south of Silverton, TX. This stunning property is currently available for purchase at an attractive price of $650,000. The property is located on the south side of County Road A, offering easy access to the main road, and features an impressive 2 miles of county road frontage.

The Joye Kelly Family Farm has a diverse topography and features a mix of soils that are suitable for both dry land cultivation and native pasture land. This means that the land is versatile and can be used for various agricultural purposes, from growing crops to grazing livestock.

The farm is currently not leased, which means that the new owner will have complete control over the land and its use. Furthermore, there are no rights withheld, allowing for unrestricted use of the property.

While the farm is no longer utilizing two older irrigation wells, the presence of these wells makes it possible for a new owner to explore irrigation options. Additionally, the farm features several older structures that can be repurposed to fit the needs of the new owner. These structures add to the charm of the property!

The Joye Kelly Family Farm is located in a prime location, with easy access to nearby towns and amenities. Silverton, located just 11 miles away, provides access to schools, medical facilities, and other essential services. The property’s location is also ideal for those looking for seclusion and privacy, with expansive, uninterrupted views of the surrounding landscape.

In conclusion, the Joye Kelly Family Farm is an exceptional property, perfect for those looking to invest in agricultural land. With versatile soils, ample county road frontage, and potential for irrigation, the property presents endless opportunities for a new owner to customize and develop. Don’t miss your chance to make this farm your own!

*Property is currently under a wind lease and has an easement on the southwest corner of the property, Current wheat crop will not convey to the new buyer*