This is an Offer and Opportunity to become part of a team that will transform your life and the lives all connected to you!


Inspire a positive, lasting impact for our clients.


We want to win at what we do, and we do all we can to help our customers,agents and employees build wealth. We love to work with people who are passionate about working hard and also giving back to their communities in a big way.


God, Family, then Business 

Our Perspective 

Have fun, be transparent and authentic, and ask for help!

Our greatest lives exist on the other side of of our greatest fears 

We are measured by our own potential not by any external forces 

We are defined by the consistency of our behavior, not by any single moment of greatness or weakness  

Rules of Play

We show up on time, start on time, and we’re ready to go. We practice gratitude and thanksgiving daily for our Blessings. We fight for others’ greatness more than they fight for their limitations. We continually move toward the center in our Spirit, Mind, Emotion, and Body. We choose the journey of becoming the best version of ourselves every day. We continually step outside our comfort zone and push ourselves to become better. We play full out, never apologize for it, yet do it in a way we can always be proud of. We operate with clarity of self and vision, with intense focus and full commitment to our goals. We take ownership of our attitude, feelings, and actions at all times, practicing 360 Leadership. Our greatest wins come from our Grit and ability to persevere through all challenges over the long run.

Job Standards for Team Member of Operations 

  1. Your Mission: Becoming a valued Davis Vernon Real Estate team member in growing and developing the company through support, contribution, leadership, innovation, and serving within the framework of the culture, mission and vision of Davis Vernon Real Estate. 
  1. Primary Objective
  • Support and Integration for the Operations Division of Davis Vernon Real Estate. One of your key roles is to make the Operations Division more efficient and effective in execution of Services, Systems Integration, and building Davis Vernon Real Estate Stronger and Scalable.
  • Build, implement, and manage all systems and processes for the Operations and of Davis Vernon Real Estate including consulting, training, team development, database management, information management, operations division protocols, personnel, and Field support
  • Ensuring that all projects are optimized and completed within profitability estimates.
  • Ensuring all teams are operating effectively and meeting company standards.  
  • Maintaining all HR functions (Licensing, commissions, etc.) for current and new service team members 
  1. Regular Work Activities
  • Assisting management team with Ongoing Business and Operations of Davis Vernon Real Estate
  • System and process development, implementation, and management
  • Research and development of ongoing programs 
  • Information management
  • Divisional Financial management 
  • Communication within the Davis Vernon Real Estate team, partner Teams
  • Oversight of all launches for new services , training, and events
  • Customer/vendor relations
  1.  Leadership Responsibilities
  • Self – We lead others through leading ourselves
  • Any additional Service team members
  • Davis Vernon Real Estate team and Partner Teams
  1. Key Skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional organizational and systems development & implementation skills
  • Project Management skills
  • Technology skills – Google G Suite, Photoshop, Lightroom, Kajabi, Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Zoom, WordPress, etc…
  • Great ability to focus and execute 
  • Concerned about doing things the right way
  • Calm under pressure
  • Learning based
  • Service-based attitude
  • Proven ability to succeed
  1. People Contacts and Interactions
    1. Team Leader – daily
    2. Administrative Team – daily
    3. Clients, Agents – weekly
    4. Key Strategic Partners – daily/ weekly

      Job Requirements

Experience, Training, and Education 

  • High school graduate
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • 2-3 years of service and management experience
  • 3-5 years of administrative experience
  • 1-2 years of project management experience 

Performance Measures 

            We operate at a high level of performance, execution, gaining results, and accountability. As a team member of you will have

  • A weekly team planning meeting 
  • A weekly one-on-one success meeting with your leader
  • Work from a project board 
  • Complete your specified lead measures 
  • Undergo a quarterly performance review

Training and Development 

            Ongoing education, training, and personal & professional development are essential for your success at Davis Vernon Real Estate .We continually grow as a people and team members.  As a team member you will be asked to participate in 

  • Book studies 
  • Listening to Podcasts  
  • Seminars 
  • Conferences 
  • Training & Education
  • Coaching


As a  team member of Operations relishes the opportunity to build, implement, and manage multiple systems. A team member of Operations is deeply committed to completing tasks the right way with a high degree of quality. This person has immense focus and can do one thing for a long time without getting distracted. This individual may exhibit drive and desire to influence; however, the overriding marker of his/her behavior is persistence and the ability to implement and finish projects on time and with quality. A team member of Operations is deeply committed to supporting the company in achieving greater and greater levels of success, and to growing his/her own skills and developing into a supportive leader within the team. A team member of Operations will oversee multiple projects at the same time and will be held to high standards and accountability to perform at high levels consistently.  As the success of the team grows, this individual will be responsible for hiring, training, and leading additional team members to ensure all Servicing tasks of the company continue to be completed to high standards with maximum efficiency.